How can I prepare for my Background Check?


As a job seeker, you may have to undergo a background check during the hiring process. Think of it generally as a verification or confirmation process of information that you have already provided to the employer and potentially a review of public records about you.

A background check helps ensure that the information you’ve provided to your potential employer is accurate so that they can determine if you are a good fit for the position.

Here’s how you can prepare for your background check.

  •  Have a copy of your resume handy, along with the best phone number and email address for HireRight to contact you at if they have questions regarding the information that you’ve provided.
  • Research your own history, including employment dates, job titles and salaries, so that you are able to provide complete and accurate information to HireRight if asked.
  •  In case schools or past employers don’t have records available to confirm your background history, locate transcripts or diplomas in advance and collect past paycheck stubs or W-2s.
  •  Be prepared to provide your current and past addresses, as well as your driver’s license number in some instances.

Please be honest and as accurate as possible when providing your information. Employers may withdraw their job offer if you are found to be dishonest.