I forgot my password to Applicant Center. How can I get it?

Step 1: If you are not already at the login page, you will need to open the original email invitation you received to complete your background report. (If you are already at the login page, please skip ahead to Step 3.)

  1. You will need to access the email account where you had received the email from HireRight.
  2. The email will have been sent from HireRight Customer Support (customersupport@hireright.com).
  3. The subject line of the email should begin with the name of the company or organization you applied to and end with your name.

               i.    For example: ABC Company Background Request for (Your Name)

Step 2:  Once you have opened this email, please locate the login URL (link). It will include a long string of letters and numbers.

  1.  Click the link to access the login page. If you are unable to click it, please copy and paste the link into your browser’s address bar. (Please note that the link will need to be inserted into the address bar of your browser, not the search bar.)

Step 3:  Now that you have arrived at the login screen, please look just below the “Sign-In” button.

  1. Next to where it states “Forgot your password?” there is a link that says “Click Here.”
  2. Once you have clicked this link, you should see a window pop-up that states a “New password has been sent to your email (your email address).”

Step 4: Navigate back to your email account inbox and look for an email from HireRight Customer Support (customersupport@hireright.com). (Please note that you may need to check your spam or junk folder due to receiving multiple emails!)

  1. The subject line will read “Your HireRight Password.”
  2. The login URL (link) will be the same as the link provided in the original email.
  3. Below the login URL, you will see “Your temporary password is” followed by an 8 character password made up of letters and numbers.

              i.    Please note that the password is case sensitive and be aware that some letters and numbers can be mistaken for others.
                          a. Common examples include zero (0) and the letter O, the number one (1) and lower case letter L (l), or uppercase letter I (I) for a lower case L (l) or number one (1).
                          b. ***Please Note that the next step may navigate you away from your email screen so you may wish to write down the password!***
                          c. Click the login URL (link) once again to return to the login screen.

Step 5: You should now be back at the login page.

  1. Please enter your full email address (example: you@email.com) in the field for “Login.”
  2. Enter your temporary password in the field for “Password.”
  3. Click the “Sign-In” button.

Step 6: You should now be presented with a new page allowing you to set your password.

  1.  Please enter your preferred password twice, once in each field.
  2.  ***Please note that your password will require at least one (1) uppercase letter, one (1) lowercase letter, and one (1) number with a total of at least eight (8) characters.***
  3. Once you have entered your new password in both fields and submit it, you should be redirected to complete your background application.

Step 7: You should now be able to complete your application.

  1. Should you need to log out, please remember to click “Save Form & Exit” in the upper left-hand portion of your screen.
  2. To return to the application and complete it later, please use the login URL (link) in the original email and just login with your email address and new password!