How Employers are Using Social Media in their Talent Acquisition Programs

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With nearly three-quarters of online adults in the United States using social media, employers are eager to better tap this large potential talent pool for their next great employees.

Leveraging social media can be a very savvy move for organizations, especially those looking to fill professional-level positions, given that 72 percent of these online adults are college-educated.

Indeed, integrating social media into a holistic recruitment program has some significant advantages , especially if an employer does so with a full awareness of the potential issues lurking within.

But, as an employer, are there any best practices you should be following as you launch a social media aspect to your recruitment efforts?

Obviously, with 77 percent of organizations using social media in their talent acquisition programs, there are a wide variety of strategies out there and no singular ideal approach that an organization should be considering.

Depending on your objectives, you could use social media in any combination of the following ways:

  • Gain access to passive candidates who you otherwise may not be able to find.
    With a site like LinkedIn, which has upwards of 230 million members, you can proactively search individual profiles to identify and contact potential candidates whose qualifications and experience are a good match for your open position.
  • Create and cultivate your employment brand.
    Most sophisticated organizations already have an established employment brand, and social media can be an effective tool to communicate and manage it.

    But even if you are just growing your brand, access to social media can help you foster it in strategic ways. Social networking sites can help you discuss organizational culture, ongoing developments, industry news, and open positions. 

  • Grow your online community.
    You can create large online communities by encouraging people to “like” or “follow” you on various social networking sites.
    Once that person is a part of your network, it becomes relatively easy to keep your employment brand top of mind for them.

    Social media allows you to educate people about your organization and hopefully also engage prospective candidates. 

  • Use current employees to evangelize your organization.
    Your current employees are likely already online, with extensive social networks you can tap into via their participation.

    In this way, you can publicize open positions, generate interest in the organization, and provide news and updates to passive candidates. 

  • Influence and educate.
    Social media is replete with people considered to be “influencers” in your specific industry-–individuals with many followers and broad networks, who are considered to be reliable and credible.

    By establishing relationships with these influencers, you can share news about your organization, better distribute content, and even advertise job openings.

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