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Manage Review of Background Reports

HireRight Adjudication helps employers manage and improve the effectiveness of their background report based hiring decisions. 

By using HireRight Adjudication, employers can streamline the process of evaluating an applicant’s background report results against the employer’s hiring guidelines for the position.

This streamlined process will help you identify the screening reports that require additional attention as part of your individual review and assessment.

HireRight Adjudication also helps you ensure that your most current hiring guidelines are consistently applied.

Levels of Service

Managed Adjudication

Your organization’s adjudication guidelines are provided to HireRight and are maintained in your account. Background screening without discrepancies are automatically identified as ‘clear,’ meeting your adjudication guidelines, and are ‘complete’ within your workflow. Results with discrepancies are directed to a HireRight adjudicator who reviews the completed background screening report against your guidelines. Reports that satisfy your guidelines are identified as ‘meets company standards’. All others are identified as ‘pending’, so you can perform an individualized review to determine whether or not the candidate meets your organization’s hiring guidelines.

Self Adjudication

You manage the adjudication workflow for background checks with discrepancies.  Background screening results without discrepancies are automatically identified as ‘clear,’ meeting your adjudication guidelines, and are ‘complete’ within your workflow. HireRight identifies backgrounds with discrepancies and directs them into a ‘pending’ workflow for you to manually assess and adjudicate. You can choose to have HireRight maintain a copy of your organization’s current adjudication guidelines that is accessible via your HireRight account for easy reference by those in your organization who are evaluating the background screening reports.

HireRight Adjudication Benefits

HireRight Adjudication is ideal for large and medium-size organizations with hiring criteria ranging from the simple to complex. The service centralizes tasks and allows employers to effectively track and manage its assessment of screening reports and consistently apply hiring guidelines.

It also assists employers in restricting background report review and decision-making to authorized personnel in accordance with their policies and procedures. HireRight Adjudication also offers these benefits:

  • Streamlines hiring decisions – An automated adjudication process is applied to your background report results. A percentage of results representing your ‘clear’ backgrounds are automatically adjudicated by the HireRight system which decreases the number of reports that require your review.
  • Facilitates compliance – Allows you better control over your organization’s hiring decisions to help you manage a screening program that supports your organization’s needs.
  • Improves visibility and control – Configurable access controls are available to grant viewing and adjudication status-setting rights.

Key Features

  • Reviews report and applies "clear" or "pending" statuses using adjudication guidelines you define
  • Ability to display your adjudication guidelines to facilitate the decision-making process.
  • Ability to customize your adjudication statuses to streamline your internal processes
  • Option to send pre-adverse and adverse action notice letters after your review
  • Ability to set permissions for viewing detailed results and making decisions
  • Ability to set up job role/position specific adjudication guidelines to be associated with different screening packages
  • Ability to document reasons for adjudication decisions

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