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Adverse Action

Simplify the Adverse Action Process

Frequently plagued by excess paperwork, tight timelines and inconsistent letters, the pre-adverse and adverse action process often proves challenging for many organizations.

Leveraging HireRight, your organization can eliminate the busy work and meet required deadlines associated with the adverse action process. Simplified and integrated, HireRight’s automated compliance tools provide a uniquely streamlined solution for your adverse action needs.

HireRight Adverse Action Benefits

HireRight has streamlined the pre-adverse and adverse action process for organizations by building automated compliance tools into HireRight Enterprise, Professional and DAC Edition management platforms that can be accessed with a single click from a completed background report. Organizations that use HireRight’s Adverse Action service will benefit from the following:

  • Reduced time and complexity requirements to comply with FCRA guidelines
  • Minimized paperwork and custom documentation
  • Consistent, pre-approved company letters in a convenient location 
  • Centralized repository for pre-adverse and adverse action letters

Key Features

  • Integrated within HireRight Enterprise and DAC Edition
  • Single click from background report to letter templates
  • Pre-approved letter templates
  • Instant option to email or mail letter with background report
  • Mailing service (optional)

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