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Social Media Search

Analyzes Publicly Available Online Information for Problematic Behavior

Social media searches provide vital information to assist employers in making sound hiring decisions by identifying job-relevant behaviors such as bigotry, sexism, and violence.

Our automated solution searches thousands of publicly available social media profiles, posts, likes and shares (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to help companies ensure a safe workplace, avoid PR disasters, and preserve the integrity of your brand. Content will be searched and flagged according to the employer's defined set of criteria.

Social Media Search Benefits

Trying to conduct social-media searches manually is exceptionally challenging and fraught with potential concerns. Due to the high volume of online content that must be reviewed, employers can easily miss critical information and leave themselves vulnerable to legal issues by inadvertently viewing protected class information.

HireRight’s automated solution helps highlight behaviors that put companies at risk by providing the following benefits:

  • Reviews thousands of posts in a fraction of the time it would take to conduct manually
  • Escalates relevant cases for review per employer's defined criteria
  • Built to confirm that the social media record belongs to the applicant, using both technology and human analysis
  • Focuses solely on job-relevant information and limits exposure to protected class information that would otherwise be revealed

Key Features

  • Employer identifies screening criteria to be used based on relevant risk factors deemed appropriate for their company
  • Analyzes publicly available data found on the internet quickly, cutting through thousands of results to identify only relevant behaviors
  • Automated solution reviews both content and context and has the ability to read text and images like a person
  • Utilizes both automated technology and human analysis
  • User-friendly report layout simplifies decision making
  • Platform is updated frequently with new sources, flags and language

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